LP-100A Digital Vector Wattmeter


LP-100A Digital Vector Wattmeter by N8LP
Unbelieveable performance, sophisticated design, unheard of features. Simply the best!
Rear panel shown with optional dual coupler board installed. 

Everything you need for critical station monitoring, tuning and protection on one screen. No other meter has dual bargraphs, OR a graphic display with solid bargraphs, OR bargraph with 90 bars for fine tuning of Power and SWR, OR an SWR alarm with snooze mode, OR a “sticky” bar for graphic peak hold indication… let alone having them all on one screen! This is by far the best display for tuning a manual tuner, without having to change display mode for normal operation. It is also the only meter with 11 bands of frequency indexed NIST traceable calibration points using a built-in frequency counter.

Plus, the LP-100A has additional modes no other wattmeter has when you desire them... vector impedance, dBm/RL, calibrated field strength and compression ratio.

NEW! Dual Coupler Option Two couplers… one LP-100A… auto-sensing… perfect for SO2R. Better than “paralleled” couplers because the couplers are isolated from each other, and each has its own Calibration table.


Simple yet highly customizable… all functions and user preferences can be set from the Setup display. Plus supplied Windows? software for extended capabilities like automated SWR and Impedance plotting, antenna pattern plotting, internet remote control and more when connected to a PC!

A truly unique and innovative design. We didn’t just stick a digital display on an old fashioned design. Compare to any meter at any price! There is nothing else like the LP-100A on the market. Please take the time to read this entire page (and links, including the extensive manual) for a summary of features and performance data of this station monitoring and antenna measurement system.

The graphic VFD display used in the LP-100A is the highest quality display used in a digital wattmeter. It is manufactured in Japan by Noritake, the inventor of VFD, at their own facilities… not in China. In almost 4 years of production of the LP-100A, we have not had a single display failure, or even a report of wear. The quality and reliability of the display, combined with unique screen saver options, adds up to a lifetime of enjoyment. *

We think you’ll agree… the LP-100A is in a class by itself. 

* Display note for original LP-100 (not “A”) owners: We have an inexpensive upgrade path to the LP-100A GVFD display (which includes LP-100A firmware and features) for owners of the original LP-100. In addition, we offer a very inexpensive OLED display for original LP-100 owners who have experienced failure of their PLED display. The new OLED display can be ordered in green or yellow and is a drop-in replacement. It offers a quick and inexpensive way for owners of the original LP-100 to extend the life of the meter indefinitely, without changing the look or feel of the meter.


Standard coupler is LPC1, 3KW PEP/CW**, 1.8 to 54 MHz.

Optional couplers for ham use include…

LPC2 0.10W to 5KW CCS*, 1.8 to 30 MHz
LPC4 0.10W to 5KW PEP/CW**, 1.8 to 54 MHz
LPC5 0.20W to 10KW PEP/CW**, 1.8 to 30 MHz

* CCS refers to continuous duty (key down).
** PEP/CW refers to 50% duty cycle typical of most ham modes.



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