Atlas DCA55


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DCA55 – Atlas DCA Semiconductor Analyser Information:

Intelligent and flexible semiconductor analyser. Connect any way round! The DCA55 then displays the following:

  • Component type (such as NPN transistor, P-Ch MOSFET, LED, diode etc)
  • Pinout information (such as Base, Emitter, Collector etc)
  • Parameter measurement (hFE, Vbe, Vf, leakage current etc)

Supports transistors MOSFETs, JFETs (gate pin only can be identified), diodes, LEDs and lots more. Automatically identifies type of component, pinout and other important parameters.
Now features transistor leakage measurement and Germanium/Silicon identification.


  • DCA55 Semiconductor Component Analyser instrument.
  • Comprehensive illustrated user guide.
  • Fitted universal hook probes.
  • AAA Alkaline battery.

Technical Specifications

General specifications:
Test current (into short circuit): ±5mA (typical)
Test voltage (into open circuit): ±5V (typical)

Component Support

  • Bipolar transistors (NPN/PNP inc Silicon/Germanium)
  • Darlington transistors (NPN/PNP)
  • Enhancement mode MOSFETs (N-Ch and P-Ch)
  • Depletion mode MOSFETs (N-Ch and P-Ch)
  • Junction FETs (N-Ch and P-Ch). Only gate lead identified.
  • Diodes and diode networks (2 and 3 lead types).
  • LEDs and bi-colour LEDs (2 lead and 3 lead types).
  • Low power sensitive Triacs and Thyristors (<5mA trigger and hold)


  • Part type identification.
  • Pinout identification.
  • BJT current gain (hFE).
  • BJT base emitter voltage (Vbe).
  • BJT collector leakage current.
  • MOSFET gate threshold voltage.
  • Diode forward voltage drop (Vf).
  • Downloads

    User Guide (EN)
    User Guide (DE)
    Data Sheet (EN)

    Optional certificate of calibration includes results of manual verification tests. Instrument is calibrated the same way regardless of whether you require the certificate.

    Please note that the product colour/appearance may vary.



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